• 1. Choose the game and server
  • 2. The choice of payment
  • 3. Pay for success
Blood Strike pay
Naruto pay
Blood Strike En pay
herocraft pay
League of Angels II pay
Bleach X pay
Zula pay
Magic Campus pay
Dragonball pay
Tale of solari pay
kill2kill pay
narutoen pay
Bleach En pay
Tecnofut pay
narutopt_mr pay
bleachpt_mr pay
Ahbr pay
panda pay
survivalheroes pay
summoners puzzles pay
h5naruto-mobile pay
h5naruto-web pay
h5naruto-mobile-Jornada pay
h5naruto-mobile-Time 7 pay
h5naruto-mobile-pagsmile pay
Mundo Shinobi High Five pay
Aliança Shinobi High Five pay
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